Chill Pillow

Ages: 8-18
Grades: 2-12
ACR Level: 0

Sale price$19.99


With so many uses, the Chill Pillow makes a great gift for teens and adults alike. Designed for use as a tablet holder, the Chill Pillow comes with a unique feature - small suction cups to hold your device in place. So, you can securely set up your iPad, tablet, ereaders, or books for easy reading. This squishy soft pillow is also great for taking a quick nap, making it a great tag-a-long for a road trip. Just sneak it between your head and shoulder and drift off to dreamland! If you want to use the Chill Pillow for just chillin', be sure to check out the included Bluetooth Speakers. You can play favorite songs from your playlist while relaxing by yourself or with friends and family.

The Chill Pillow is a fun and useful addition for every household!

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