Friendship 4 set

Ages: 3-6
Grades: PreK-K
ACR Level: 0

Sale price$9.99


My Friend, Happy

Meet Happy, a magical imaginary friend who can make any day brighter. If you're feeling worried, sad or scared, Happy is always there to remind you just how strong and brave you are!

Baby Shark Superhero

When Baby Shark suddenly develops superpowers, he forms a super squad to fight under-the-sea crimes. But when things start to go wrong, Baby Shark realizes that friendship is the greatest power of all.

How to Reach the Moon

As well as looking amazing, How To Reach The Moon teaches children about the importance of friendship in a fun way.

Bee My Friend

Poppy is terrified of bees. What if they sting her? But when Bernard Bumblebee lands in her garden, Poppy soon begins to learn all about the special things that bees do, making an unlikely friend along the way.

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