How to Be Cool/Spy in 3rd Grade 2 set

Ages: 7-12
Grades: 2-7
Lexile Measure: 600L; 510L
ACR Level: 0

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How to be Cool in the Third Grade

It's not easy to seem cool when the whole class knows you wear superhero underwear and your mom still kisses you goodbye at the bus stop. But Robbie York has a plan. 1) Get rid of the name Robbie. 2) Get jeans. 3)Avoid bullies like Bo Haney. If only it were that simple!

I was a Thrid Grade Spy

Believe it or not-and you better believe it-Josh's dog Arful can talk! This is very useful to Josh and his pals who want to win the school talent contest. First the boys have to find out what the girls are planning for the contest. That's when they send Arful to get an earful by spying on the girls. Just wait until show time to see what Arful the spy uncovers.

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