Bracketivity - Kids

Ages: 6-18
Grades: 2-12
ACR Level: 0

Sale price$9.99


Fill out brackets by choosing your favorite of each category, 32 times, until you end up with the ultimate winner, like your favorite ice-cream topping, family trip, or even which mythical animal would win in a fight! This is an all-new activity book that's perfect for kids ages 6+.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream--rocky road or vanilla? Cookie dough or strawberry? Rocky road or pistachio? Pistachio or cookie dough?

Bracketivity is an all-new activity book series where kids fill out their favorites of each category to determine an ultimate winner. This book will determine your favorite foods, animals, video games, places to visit, and more! This book also includes bonus pages at the end to create your own Bracketivities. It's a great activity book for parties, lunch time, road trips, or any time!

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