EllRay Jakes 2 in 1 Bindup

Ages: 3-8
Grades: 1-3
Lexile Measure: 840L & 850L
ACR Level: 0

Sale price$6.99


Join EllRay and his friends in two laugh-out-loud adventures in the EllRay Jakes series--two books in one! "Kids of all stripes will identify with EllRay and his unwittingly hilarious antics." --Booklist

EllRay Jakes Is Not a Chicken!

EllRay Jakes is tired of being bullied by fellow classmate Jared Matthews. But when EllRay tries to defend himself, he winds up in trouble. Then his dad offers him a deal: if he stays out of trouble for one week, they'll go to Disneyland! EllRay says he can do it. But saying it and doing it are two very different things.

EllRay Jakes Is a Rock Star!

All the boys in EllRay's third-grade class have something they can brag about. Corey's on the swim team; Kevin is super tall; Jared's dad has an ATV. But EllRay's dad is a geologist--not much to brag about. After all, rocks are boring. Then EllRay sees the crystals in his dad's office, and they are really cool-looking. If EllRay just "borrows" them to show his classmates, he knows they'd be impressed. And his dad will never have to know. It's a perfect plan . . . until things go awry.

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