Scary Tales Retold 5 in 1 Bind Up HC

Ages: 5-9
Grades: 2-3
Lexile Measure: 510; 480; 380; 490 & 490
ACR Level: 0

Sale price$9.99


5 Classic stories retold in this 1 Book!

You may know the story of the downtrodden girl who meets her Prince Charming. But our CinderElla rules the dark night with her new Prince.

Goldilocks may have escaped the wrath of the three bears, but her luck runs out when this busy body stumbles into a haunted house.

Poor Hansel and Gretel, cast out on their own by a wicked stepmother. You may think you know how the story ends, but think again.

Jack and his poor mother follow all the rules of this classic tale. But can they escape the raging Giant?

Off to Bremen Town go Donkey, Cat, Dog & Rooster. But music is not on their minds. They're tired of their cruel masters and set out in search of a better life. Is fate kind to the gang?

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