Sherlock Bones 2 in 1 Bindup HC

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Ages: 7-9
Grades: 2-4
Lexile Measure: 720L
ACR Level: 0

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Two thrilling stories in 1 book! The case of the Crown Jewels - When the crown jewels go missing from Kennel Palace, it's up to famous dog detective Sherlock Bones and his trusty sidekick Dr Jane Catson to solve the crime. But with multiple suspects and a trial that's running cold, will they be able to catch the culprit in time? The Curse of the Pharaoh's Mask - While taking a well-earned vacation in Egypt Sherlock Bones and Dr Jane Catson discover that a precious mask has been stolen - and they are suspects! Can Bones and Catson escape the tombs of the ancient cat kings and catch the true thief?

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